Creatorverse, by Linden Lab (the developers of Second Life) is a $5 iPad app that hopes to equalize the great coding divide. It resembles MS Paint, or any simple shape-drawing software you’ve ever used. But rather than ending the experience with a mere print, everything you create can be assigned a simple, interactive function, simulated in a physics engine.

You start with a clean desktop. Tap the circle toggle, then tap the desktop to shape your circle. So far, this is just like any other illustration program. But when you tap on this circle that you made, another panel pops up with all sorts of physical characteristics attached. As easily as painting that circle orange, you can make it bouncy. And what’s a bouncy orange circle? That’s a basketball.

This is the basic workflow behind Creatorverse, and once you find your way around a bit, creating becomes very quick. You can craft portals or tweak an object’s wind resistance, and these functions never get more complex than a few taps.

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