still LOOKS GOOD, use to FEEL portable, WORKS since 1969!

The Olivetti Valentine portable typewriter was designed by Perry King in collaboration with Ettore Sottsass and was in production in 1969. As a typewriter the Valentine was not an outstanding commercial success, however its radical design was recognised as revolutionary (for a typewriter). The Valentine is revered as a 20th century design icon and has been collected and displayed by design museums internationally.

Ettore Sottsass joined the Olivetti product design team in 1958 which at that time included Marcello Nizzoli. Ettore Sottsass was inspired by pop art at the time and this is evident in the design of the Valentine. The bright red ABS plastic case distinguished it from other office equipment of the time. The Valentine was such a radical redesign of an existing product that it immediately caught the attention of design institutions. Ettore Sottsass’ design approach altered radically in the 1980s turning post modern (anti design) and consolidating in the establishment of the Memphis school.

Olivetti was established as an office equipment company in the 1930s. Olivetti’s founder Adriano Olivetti ensured that the company’s manufacturing division team included architects, writers, graphic designers, painters and advertising experts who actively contributed to the process of product design, advertising and graphics. Over the years this philosophy and method has seen the design and production of many products, which demonstrate ingenuity, innovation and style.

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