I know that sushi is a traditional Japanese food, but look what a German design firm, osko + deichmann,  has done to bring the process of making sushi into the 21st century. This is a great new application to an established mechanism used to roll tobacco, but it is still clever.

Now anyone can roll sushi, or anything for that matter. I’d love to try to roll a few desserts, or make lasagna rolls, with this! Sushi, being a traditional japanese dish, has been becoming increasingly popular in europe and the united states over the last decade. Recently sushi is being transferred from the restaurant to the home.

More and more people are trying to make their own sushi, despite the fact, that becoming a real sushi-chef takes years of experience, preparing the ingredients for a maki-roll is quite easy. The traditional maki is a rice-roll filled with sliced vegetables (e.g. cucumber) and covered with a sheet of seaweed (nori). Only the rolling itself, with the traditional bamboo-mat,is difficult without practice. often people get frustrated after a few attempts.

The sushiroller solves the problem enabling everybody to make perfectly round, thick maki-rolls.

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